sauna uscata timisoara relaxare

Dry Sauna



12 people

maximum capacity

60-100 °C
(140-212 °F)


5 – 10%

standard humidity

Sauna strengthens the immune system, combats stress, helps relax, helps to eliminate the cold in the body and helps in weight loss belts, provides a feeling of cleansing and refreshing the skin, relieving and relaxing both the body and the mind. These are the reasons why clients of Spa Ice Resort Timisoara are spoiled.

Heat has the role of relaxing muscles and therefore the sauna is especially recommended after a fitness workout or swimming. Before going to the sauna you must, of course, take a shower. Enter the sauna and try to stay as long as you can withstand within 15 minutes. If you can not resist 15 minutes, you can go out early, so you do not get sick. Try to cool the body with cold water without subjecting it to shocks.

Sauna benefits

Strengthening the immune system and preventing colds
Due to its heat and humidity in the air, the dry sauna is designed to facilitate some processes in the body, such as antibody synthesis, bacterial and virus destruction both in the skin and respiratory system, as pathogenic microorganisms do not withstand temperatures which we expose during the sauna. This will strengthen your immune system by preventing colds first without taking medication or other treatments.

Sauna is the equivalent of cardio exercises
During the saunas, the body undergoes changes in the cardio-respiratory system equivalent to cardio-cardiac exercises. Sauna increases heart rate, dilates arteries, lowers tension, opens capillaries in closed areas, vascularizing body tissues. Thanks to the warmth of your heart, your heart rate will accelerate, expanding the blood vessels, leading to a visible improvement in blood circulation. Again under these conditions acceleration of metabolism takes place. The point is that when you are at the sauna, your body reacts like when you are doing cardio exercises!

Improves respiratory functions
Air in the lungs should be warmer and also have a much higher humidity than atmospheric air, as lung tissue is lined with a liquid (lung surfactant). The sauna, with a hot and well humidified air, dilates the lung capillaries, intensifies the breathing and thus the oxygen intake that penetrates into the blood and reaches the tissues, maintaining optimal humidity in the lungs and at the same time improving the vascularization of the respiratory mucosa, to the bronchi.

By sweating, most of the toxins are eliminated in the body, and the rest is eliminated by urinary retention. Sauna intensifies perspiration processes and also causes diuresis (so it is recommended not to consume liquids and go to the toilet before the sauna).

Effects on the skin
The sauna also oxygenates the body, vascularises the entire surface of the skin, rejuvenates it, stimulates it, stimulates hair growth and prevents it from falling, accelerates the growth of nails and also maintains moisturized skin. At the same time, the sauna helps eliminate the particles of dust absorbed by our pores, as well as the decomposition of dead skin cells that will exfoliate much easier.
Mint and eucalyptus flavors are recommended against colds, for releasing rose and lavender essences, and for energizing, mandarin and oranges. In the sauna you can also do skin treatments and apply different masks. Heat helps to absorb creams and increases their efficiency.

Physical and mental relaxation is an adjoining benefit of the sauna.

So, the benefits of the sauna include stress relieving. Heat has the role of relaxing muscles and therefore the sauna is especially recommended after an intensive training session (fitness, dance, tae-bo etc). Then followed by a massage, it can work wonders on the whole body. Equally important is the mental relaxation, the sauna helping to maintain psychic balance, eliminating stress.
Synthesizing, the main benefits of the sauna are:
– relieves muscles, relieves arthritis pain;
– increases the body’s resistance to infections;
– Accelerates blood circulation;
– detoxifies the body and revitalizes the skin;
– improves respiratory function;
– increases mood.

Recommended sauna visit

• Before going to the sauna you must, of course, take a shower. Thus, you are accustomed to the high temperature body.
• Enter the sauna and try to stay as hard as you can, but no more than 15 minutes. If you can not resist 15 minutes, you can go out early, so you do not get sick.
• After a maximum of 15 minutes, go out and take a shower with the relatively lower temperature, then sit back and pull the soul.
• Enter for the second sauna session and repeat the same procedure.

When you enter the sauna, the ideal is not to “stay dry”. The dry sauna will not make you sweat properly unless you “help” it with a little water. In any sauna you will find some stones heated by an electrical installation, along with a bucket of water full of water and a wooden spoon in it. Pour the spoon over the stones. This water will evaporate and warm the atmosphere in the sauna, while increasing the humidity. The outcome? You will sweat more.


Sauna can increase tension if you are not careful and stay longer than your body thinks necessary. So be careful and go on the principle that it’s preferable to stay less than to stay too much. At least in the first 10 sessions.

Excessive sauna can dry out both skin and hair. To prevent hair drying, it can be covered with a towel. In terms of skin, it is best to use a moisturizer immediately after the sauna and do not do more than 2-3 sessions a week.

Sauna is not recommended for people who have heart problems or who suffer from cancer, those with transmissible diseases and pregnant women.

Wet Sauna – Hammam



12 people

maximum capacity

45 – 55 °C
(113-131 °F)


80 – 100%

standard humidity

The wet sauna or Hammam is a steam sauna that beautifies the skin and cleans the body of toxins. Under the effect of steam, the pores expand. Steam is recommended for people prone to water retention, problems with circulation and difficulty in breathing. It is also indicated for muscle rehabilitation.

This type of sauna offers a benefit in addition to the steam-induced dry sauna that helps alleviate congestion, inflammation and cough due to allergies and other respiratory problems.

Wet sauna benefits

your skin’s imprint can reach up to 40 degrees in minutes and your pulse will grow by 30%. This is the reason why your heart will pump twice the amount of blood every minute. You can even lose half a liter of liquid in a sauna session.

In short, the sauna’s benefits list includes:

– Hyperthermia, a high temperature that will act as a fever will improve your immunity by increasing your production of white blood cells
– abundant sweat that will help eliminate toxins, chemicals and other skin dirt
– Acceleration of pulse, blood circulation and metabolic rate
– relaxed muscles, relaxed after sports
– Stress release, voltage and voltage drop
– a complete state of well-being and rejuvenation

Inhalation of steam
Steam rooms offer extra benefit through inhalation of steam, which helps to relieve congestion, inflammation and cough due to allergies and other respiratory problems. Steam inhalation helps reduce mucus secretions and various other substances and helps reduce spasmodic breathing.

A cardio workout for your heart
With the increase of the pulse during the sauna session, you will also increase your need for oxygen. The result will be a workout of the heart while it will pump your blood through the body. Finnish researchers have found that using the sauna regularly will help keep your blood vessels more flexible and flexible as a result of these changes in body temperature.

Increases resistance to various conditions
According to German and Finnish studies, saunas induce a fever that stimulates your immune system. As a result, you’ll enjoy a 30% reduction in chances to cure or make flu.

Improving circulation and lowering tension
The heat of the sauna causes dilation of blood vessels and improves circulation to the extremities. Saunas can also lead to a temporary drop in tension, and, according to the North American Sauna Society, this decrease may take longer if saunas are frequent.

Sauna supports kidney functions
Sweating that you eliminate during a session of the sauna helps eliminate toxins and reduce the burden of the kidneys, according to the North American Sauna Society.

You burn more calories
Listen here what wonderful sauna session gives you: It seems that because of the acceleration of heartbeats and sweating you can burn up to 300 calories in just one session, according to US military research. However, do not be fooled if you get on the scale and notice fewer pounds because this drop is mainly due to the water you removed and you will recover that weight once you start rehydration.

Get rid of stress and sleep better
Younger users of the sauna maintain that this is an excellent form for relieving stress and inducing a well-being. If the sauna session takes place near the bedtime, then you will have a more relaxing sleep.

Sauna soothes the pains
Because the sauna improves circulation, this can help relieve some pain.

Saunas and steam baths and skin health
The combination of increased temperature and steam in wet saunas, steam baths and steam showers is a perfect treatment for the skin. They help you:

– open the pores and release oils and dirt
– accelerate blood circulation to the skin
– relax the tense muscles of the face
– relax dry and dead skin, which will ease exfoliation
– in getting a smooth skin

Wet sauna warnings

Sauna and Turkish bath are absolutely forbidden in case of:
– pacemaker – heart failure
– degenerative or inflammatory cardiopathy
– tuberculosis – epilepsy.

Also do NOT get in when you have a skin infection, open wounds or if you are intoxicated, with an empty stomach or too full.

Wet sauna vs. dry sauna

Having a lesser temperature than the sauna, the time spent in the hammam may be longer, allowing the body to sweat more so more toxins removed.

It can be better borne by beginners, even those who have low blood pressure. Even those with venous circulation problems can enjoy alternating hot / cold phases and can enter the Turkish bath.

An interesting little detail: While the sauna is totally contraindicated to flu, cold or cold, a single entry to the Turkish bath can be of great help in respiratory illnesses.