12 people

maximum capacity

20-50 °C
(68-122 °F)


5 – 10%

standard humidity

Specially for our clients, SPA ICE RESORT is equipped with a SALINE with the highest quality Himalayan stone.

Yes, you can also enjoy the health benefits of saline! Did you know that almost one in four people suffer from asthma, respiratory allergies or bronchitis in Europe? Especially in the case of children, the medicines used to treat these conditions have undesirable side effects and affect the immune system. Wonderland Saline proposes an effective alternative, a scientific patent therapy. Beneficial effects of salt: Disinfect the inflamed mucosa and adherence to bronchiole, weaken the cramps of the smooth bronchial muscles, cure respiratory diseases and have bactericidal effects.

How does saline treatment work?

Saline aerosols are micro – particles that are inhaled to the nose and mouth by the patient and reach the upper respiratory tract (oral cavity, nasal cavities and pharynx) or lower (larynx, bronchi, bronchiole, pulmonary alveoli) – where they disinfect mucous membranes , eliminates toxins, restores the elasticity of cell membranes, and reduces irritant micro-organisms. In addition, the effect of salt also includes the activation of the ciliary movement (vibrational movement of the respiratory epithelial cells, which helps to ease the secretion).

Statistics show that a quarter of Romanians suffer from respiratory diseases – allergic rhinitis is the first to be followed by diseases like bronchial asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other types of allergies.

What affections can be remedied?

Inhalation of aerosols treats a wide range of respiratory conditions, but also stress-related problems (sleep disturbances or anxiety).

Belts in the saline have great results for patients suffering from asthma. Asthma crises come amid airway inflammation (they narrow down and produce the feeling of lack of air, suffocation) and saline aerosols just do this: it calms inflammation and helps restore mucous membranes. Salt treatment is recommended as early as possible in bronchial asthma, because salt stimulates bronchial secretion and helps eliminate it, and reducing inflammation also has a beneficial effect on cough.

Other conditions that can be treated in the saline are: asmatiform bronchitis, bronchiectasis (without haemoptysis), pneumoconiosis, chronic tracheobronchitis, chronic rhinitis, maxillary / chronic sinusitis, bisinosis, silicosis gr. 1 or 2, pharyngeal polyposis, chronic tonsillitis, restrictive respiratory insufficiency, pulmonary emphysema, neurosis, chronic fatigue and various types of allergies.

It is good to know that therapy in saline has contraindications: it is not recommended in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis, infectious and contagious diseases, hypertension, Basedow’s disease, cartiopatie CORN ischemic decompensated, recent myocardial infarction, angina, epilepsy, claustrophobia status asmaticus or advanced pregnancy.

When is it good to go to the salt mine?

Spring and Autumn weather resemble the micro-climate in a saline – temperatures are lower (12-16 degrees Celsius) and humidity is increased so that it will be very easy for the body to adapt to the saline atmosphere.

The duration of a salt therapy is recommended depending on the condition: for asthmatics (depending on the degree of manifestation) at least 24 days are indicated and for other respiratory conditions the treatment should be at least 2 weeks (with 30-60 minutes per day).